DeepSleep Battery Saver

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LifeHacker: Plenty of apps save your battery life, but this one takes the idea to a whole new level

How Deepsleep Battery Saver works

Deepsleep battery saver constantly puts the device to deepsleep mode while screen off. During deepsleep mode, Wifi, 3G are turned off, background apps are stopped. Therefore, most apps are not working, including Facebook, Google Service, etc,. It then constantly wakes up in order to download email, sync Facebook status, etc,. It's defined by deepsleep frequency and woke up duration

In advanced mode, you can customize more parameters, including day/night settings, active period, screen timeout, sync strategy, ignored apps, etc,.
By constantly put device into deepsleep mode, we will save battery life due to no Internet connection, and therefore most of network-based apps, such as Facebook, Gmail will not work.
Cautionduring deepsleep mode on, this app may disrupt your normal activities, such as your email notification comes with larger delay.

How to work Deepsleep Battery Saver

There are 5 pre-defined profiles: Gentle, Balance, Strong, Aggressive, and Slumberer. They varies on frequency, duration and other settings. The former is less disruptive, but save less battery and vise versa. These 5 profiles are read-only and you can not change it. If you need more twist on app's settings, Select custom profile (PRO only) and modify them

Profile settings

  • A profile is divided into 2 period: weekday vs weekend
  • For each period, a profile includes following parameters
    • Frequency: The device is turned on deepsleep mode at a selected frequency
    • Duration: The device is woke up after for a selected duration after a each frequency cycle
    • Wileless & Network: Control radio setting during deepsleep on
    • Sync: Control sync strategy and sync account
    • Apps: Select apps that will be stopped during deepsleep on
    • CPU: Processors twist - root only
    • Night period: During this period, device is always in deepsleep mode
Notice: If your setting (ex. Wifi) is off, Deepsleep Battery Saver does not control it during deepsleep mode on

General settings

These settings apply on all profiles
  • Screen off delay: a short delay before deepsleep start. This option is used to avoid quick screen toggle.
  • Whitelist: Apps are always ignored when deepsleep on, such as online music player
  • Ingored recent apps: ignore recent launched apps
  • Use APN settings: twist 3G/4G/mobile data toggler
  • Check background data: If selected, it will ignore deepsleep mode if traffic is above a defined threshold
  • Traffic threshold & Traffic sampling frequency: sample traffic and compare to a defined threshold


  • By default, the app come with pre-configuration that can work well on most devices. Just toggle a enable/disable button to start/stop it.
  • "Custom" profile allows you to customize all parameters in order to fix with your special requirements.  


Google Play:  Free, Pro
Amazon Store: coming soon
XDA Developer: .apk file



Bolt Upright said...

What is the difference between the paid & free versions?

Is paid a donationware?

Unknown said...

Paid version supports "custom" profile

przemelek said...

One thing which may be helpful, add some kind of integration with NFC Task Launcher or something similar for enabling/disabling and maybe even choosing current profiles by NFC tags.
Or if it is now possible please share with information how to do it :-)

Unknown said...

@Przemysław Rumik: That's a great idea. We added it into our request feature list. Thanks.

Unknown said...

The apps seems to be promising. But I still couldn't confirm that things are working as expected.
1. In custom profile, I set to close apps automatically. But no logs have been observed.
2. I pinged continuously to IP to ensure that it sleeps/wakes up at the set intervals. But the connection was either active all the time or never woke up after set interval.
3. I cannot set Airplane mode in the night. Also I have no idea what will happen when night mode is enabled(no documentation found).

Please clarify these points.

Unknown said...

what is the difference between "auto sync" and "trigger sync"...


Unknown said...

The best battery saver application I have found. Effective and simple on my Galaxy S3.

One ehhancement request - could you please add a setting option to allow the Deep Sleep application to be automatically run when Android is started (many applications such as AVAST, Best Wifi etc have this). Including this option would mean that people (like me) who love the application could have it just run automatically rather than remembering to re start it after each boot.

Thanks in advance...

Unknown said...

@Geoff Costello Yes, the app already supports "auto-start" once the Android OS is rebooted.

Unknown said...

@Ron Bien: Please checkout FAQs

Unknown said...

Bao :-)

Sorry about that. I had been updating ROMs and Kernals the last few days so I hadn't picked up that with a clean boot same kernel etc it starts automatically once you have run it once.

Maybe you should put a short note in the Google Play documentation stat says something like:

"Once you have installed Deep Sleep Battery Saver run it once and chosen your profile saving it will start automatically each time you restart Android. You may need to rerun it once after installing a new or upgraded ROM.

Thanks again :-)

Unknown said...

Thanks Geoff.

tony said...

hi, i am using the latest 1.51 xda version. Some questions:

1. I put an internet radio app (which needs data connection) into "DS whitelist" and was supposed to let it run even screen off. But finally I found that I have to put the app into both "stop apps whitelist" & "DS whitelist". What is the difference between the 2 whitelist?

2. I entered "0" into "Ignore recent apps". Is it appropriated? what is it actually?

Unknown said...

Hi Tony,

1. Stop app whitelist are apps that will NOT be killed when screen off. Whereas DS whitelist are apps that if they are running, then the deep sleep mode does not turn on.

2. It's OK since it uses our Smart RAM Booster's algorithm (uses by 1.5M users) to stop apps

Unknown said...

Would love if this app had the option to update your Google Latitude location when it wakes up.

tony said...

Thanks Bao. But still not fully understand.
1. that means just putting the app to "DS whitelist" and the app should be running without cutting data connection after screen off. But it is not the case. I have to put it to both whitelist (not either one) to keep it running. Is there a bug?

2. "number of recent app not to be killed" counts or not count the amount of app in "stop app whitelist" ?

3. in setting/battery/discharge, default = 10%. Is that means DS will always on (even screen on) if battery < 10%? But I found it is not the case. It only operates when screen off (battery = 8,7,6%....)

Unknown said...

I used DS Battery Saver on both my tablet and phone (both running Jelly Bean - 4.2 on the phone and 4.1 on the tablet) and both experienced a similar problem. After the program had been in use for a while (can't be sure exactly how long - a few hours maybe?), it becomes impossible to connect to the Internet, either through WiFi or mobile data. The device must be restarted to regain connectivity. I've noticed a few other people reporting this on the Play store too.

I would love to see a fix for this, because the battery savings were tremendous while I was using it.

Unknown said...

Hi Joe,

Could you tell me what is your device model? Thank you.

Unknown said...

The tablet is an Acer A500 running Cyanogen Mod. The phone is a stock Nexus 4.

Lengyel, Lajos said...

Hi, I was using the DS on an Xperia S, worked fine, but after some hours the phone was awake all the time and drained the battery fast. After removing the application and restarting the phone the awake problem gone. Do U have some advice what can be the problem?

Unknown said...

Since update white listed app aren't syncing, I'm not receiving notifications from white listed apps

Unknown said...

Hi m using s3 and m using the custom profile.The ds battery saver pro doesn't wake up at the set freq. ..Too bad the app ain't syncing like it should

Unknown said...

@Anup Mannali Does that happen in free version or pre-defined profile?

Unknown said...

Hello v1.7 data doesn't wake up on my S2 on JB : i must uninstall DSBS and restart S2.

Dave said...

Hi, I really like this app, and it's worked great! However, I just downloaded the new release, and now I have to turn on mobile data manually every time I turn the phone on. Is there a setting I'm missing, or if not, is it possible to go back to the prior version?

Please help- I need this to work again!


Unknown said...

Hi. The on/off toggle home screen widget is great. I would have more use of another widget, which could switch between predefined profiles. The thing is, I would like for my phone to be on 'slumberer' when I sleep, yet my bed time is quite irregular.
Thanks for saving me battery drain like there's no tomorrow,

Kev said...

Is it possible to set a custom alarm for Full/Low battery alerts?
If so, how?

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

When on mobile data (2G or 3G), sync seems not to be triggered. On wifi, messages from gmail are detected, but on 2G/3G they are not - even after 3 wake cycles. Tested with following settings: frequency 5/10min, duration 1/2min). After I unlock the screen, messages are fetched almost immediatelly.

Dave said...

what is the difference between "auto sync" and "trigger sync"...

Unknown said...


Checkout this XDA thread for a short explanation

Dave said...

Thanks for the response Bao Le Duc. Sorry for sounding ignorant (I am reasonably skilled with technology), but what does it mean when it says "1. auto-sync is a flag"?

Thanks again for any help!

Unknown said...

DSBS won't allow my Samsung Epic to fully charge. I'll get an alert that the battery is at 100% but, when I remove the charger, it IMMEDIATELY drops down to somewhere in the 80' s

Unknown said...

@Dave: auto-sync flag is the togglable option of sync in Settings > Account & Sync in your phone

@Craig. It's weird. Could you try to recharge until Android system alert that the battery is full. Thanks

neoyoli said...

Is auto sync or trigger sync saving more battery?

Unknown said...

Hi, I love the software and have been using it on my Galaxy S3 since December 2012. Recently I upgraded to Android 4.2.1 (which is out in Beta for Android via a number of sources) and it no longer turns Wifi on again after a deep sleep. It would be great if you cold take a look at this and upgrade the software to work with Android 4.2.1

Unknown said...

Auto-sync is system default sync mechanism. It should work better than trigger sync. However, on some device, auto-sync does not work properly that trigger sync will fill the gap. I suggest you to try auto-sync first

Unknown said...

@Geoff: Please send us your log (Settings > General > Show logs > Tap on send button) that will help us to identify the issue.

Thank you

Unknown said...

First of all thank´s for the awesome app. I´m using your proversion on Xperia acro S with FX209 and Nova Kernel. The app works fine, but sometimes it will not reactivate data or wifi when screen is back on. Or wifi is on and suddenly after 3 min. it´s off. What may be reason?

Unknown said...

tried today, it did cut off the wifi, but after I turn on the screen, the connection is not back, must turn on wifi manually?

i am using LG P880 4.03

Unknown said...

@hao li: there is an option that may help: Settings > Deep Sleep > User Present. Could you try to turn it off to see if the problem persists?

Unknown said...

still not working.

Unknown said...

@hao li: please send us your log (Settings > General > Show logs > hit send button)

Unknown said...

sorry, just uninstalled. will try later.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

i use galaxy s3 and, i set custom profile.

custom setting is
no off data connection
frequency is 1 hour
duration is 1 minute

and no sync.

and don't stop spp during DS
whitelisted app is just kakaotalk

then, when the system in deep sleep, i can receive push alarm in kakaotalk isn't it?

but, during DS, many apps send push alram to me. what is the reason?

if i want to receive just kakaotalk alarm, i have to set stopping apps during DS?

drich007 said...

Three bugs? on Xperia Z :

1. Can not control GPS (log say so).

2. Unchecked Auto sync (and check Trigger sync, wifi off, 3G on) but it remains working in DS mode. I sent some testing Emails they all reached immediately no matter how I set the sync frequency.

So how does the Frequency really work? Do it control both the data and auto sync on/off, or only control the data on/off ? Because I should remain data always on to receive Viber calls, I can't simply control sync upon data on/off.

3. Even stop running Apps forcing them into deep sleep, it also has a chance bring them awake. I did some tests on some IM Apps, when DSBS off, App notify the new message immediately. When DSBS on, it seems work for a while, but after a couple of minutes, notification rings all the same. Is it because DSBS try to kill them, but they have a method to revive their process?

And another question: what's the difference between "App default" and "System settings" in Trigger sync?

Unknown said...

The mobile data connection doesn't seem to turn off when screen is off. When I activate the screen using power switch I see data connection on iummediately. I tried screen on delay setting (10 sec) and user present setting (screen unlock ) as well same result. I am using Samsung Galaxy Cynogenmod 10 (Base Jellybean 4.1)
Any solution? Using DS latest version 1.9 (updated just now)

Unknown said...

My Galaxy Note is rebooting randomly while app is active. I am using a stock firmware. Also when app is not active it is still in the status bar and using memory. You should change this behavior or make it an option.
Also Wifi is not turned on after deep sleep. DSBS (pro) needs bug fixing! It is paid.

Lionel B. said...


I use Battery Saver DeepSleep but I have a problem. I have a software that makes the phone ring if it is moving. But DeepSleep Battery Saver prevents the accelerometer function in standby. I tried to exclude software in question in the white list, but the problem persists. What should I exclude for the sensor work?

Thank you.

Lionel B.

Unknown said...

any way to unsubscribe from you?
tried IE and firefox, cleared cache and cookies, all not working.

Lionel B. said...

What to do with my question?!

Ko_T said...

Hello. Thanks to this useful app :D

While translating to Japanese, I have a question.
Is it what you intended?
Profile Strong = Wake up every 45m for 1m
Profile Balance = Wake up every 1h for 1m

I mean "Strong < Balance ?"
It seems to me that it's in reverse order.
Sorry if I don't have common English sense.

Lionel B. said...


Unknown said...

Been running this app for months, love it. Recently though if I'm on wifi, the app will stop running. Have to restart it every hour or so. 3g works perfectly. Using Galaxy s3, running an aosp 4.2.2 room

Unknown said...

I bought this app because I found it to be very useful.
Last week however, it doesn't allow the alarm to ring, it just stays in deep-sleep until I push a button.
Is there something I can do besides white-listing the alarm app I use ??
I keep missing the hour to wake up in the morning...
Thanks in advance

Unknown said...

@Malle Eppie: try to whitelist Clock app please

jupp25 said...


i use a tasker location profile wich toggles wifi. the profile didnt work well, so i disabled wifi management in battery saver. now tasker checks my location profile every time screen turns on.

what happens when device is woke up after deep sleep, what all is triggered in that moment? is there a detailed description of deep sleep in android 4.2?


Unknown said...


Just testing Ds Battery Saver on my Samsung Galaxy S2. Is just what Im looking (and would be happy to buy the pre version of) for if it works well.

However I just had the phone in ds mode (Balance mode).
When I turned on the screen again, mobile data (3G/H+) was on, but my WiFi was off (and remained so), even though Im at home with WiFi available and the WiFi was on when the screen went off.
Obviously this is not desirable.

Any ideas?

Unknown said...

I sent you a log from my phone a few hours ago

Unknown said...


Using DE Pro on a Nexus 4. Everything works as expected and battery life drastically improved.
However I have some apps that will run sync in background at a set interval. For example Press (RSS reader) and Pocket Weather. The sync of these apps does not work anymore.
Is there anything that can be done to trigger a sync when DS is waking up (5 mins every hour)?
Thank you!!