Nov 24, 2011

Smart RAM Booster - Change logs

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V 1.8

  • Fixed minor bugs
  • Added languages: Danish, Hebrew, Slovenian, Serbian

V 1.7

  • Added new widget 1x1 "Fast Reboot" (only Pro)
  • Support "Hide overlay widget when any app run on full screen"
  • Added languages: Spanish/America, Portugese/Portugal, Bulgarian

V 1.6

  • Fixed minor bugs
  • Added new widget 4x1 (Pro)
  • Added new widget 3x1 (Pro)

V 1.5

  • Added notification onClick options
  • Added languages: Arabic, Korean, Swedish, Ukrainian

V 1.41

  • Fixed boost lagging

V 1.4

  • Support onClick/onLongClick actions on Running Apps/Whitelist Apps activities
  • Optimize boosting process

V 1.3

  • Added languages: Czech, Estonian, Indonesian, Norwegian, Thai
  • Added 2 x 1, 1 x 2 widget(PRO)
  • Refined smart notification smart with new tools (PRO)
  • Added filters to running apps

V 1.27

  • Improve Running apps view
  • Option to hide facebook icon

V 1.26

  • Remember last selected apps to be killed

V 1.25

  • Integrate with 1Tap QuickBar apps for notification bar boost buttons

V 1.22

  • Update language packs, added Hungarian, Janpanese,Dutch, and Traditional Chinese

V 1.2

  • Add screen off boost and delay time
  • Enhance smart algorithm
  • Add languages: Portugal, Persian, Russian
  • Fixed minor bugs

V 1.12

  • Fixed FC issue
  • Add languages: Italian, Rumania, Greek

V 1.1

  • Auto clean cache (Pro)
  • Battery friendly optimization
  • Auto boost when screen off
  • Fixed minor bugs

V 1.0

  • One-click cache cleaner
  • Hide RAM indicator on widget
  • Theme (overlay widget, home screen widget, main app)
  • OnClick/OnLongClick action on overlay widget
  • Add languages: Slovak
  • Redesign home screen
  • Enhancement: whitelist context menu, reorganize settings
  • Fixed minor issues

V 0.93

  • Improve overlay widget
  • Add report settings per boost method
  • Add manufacturer launchers to whitelist
  • Add languages: Frech, Vietnamese
  • Add localization portal
  • Fixed minor issues

V 0.92

  • Overlay widget transparency
  • Resort settings
  • Improve widget

V 0.91

  • Fixed incorrect overlay widget position when orientation changed
  • Enlarge overlay widget to easily click
  • Add sound and vibrate feedback when overlay widget onclick

V 0.9

  • Initial released


Anonymous said...

Best task killing app ever used..simply phone is always lag free ,thank you

Unknown said...

Thank you

Unknown said...


holospirit said...

Please add option to hide in fullscreen mode. Thanks

Unknown said...

I installed and now my battery only lasts half as long. I need help pls. What settings should I have the auto boost on and how do I stop apps from misbehaving.

Unknown said...

@John: I'm sorry to hearing about it. Could you try to disable Overlay widget: Open app > Settings > Overlay widget settings > un check "Show overlay widget"

I hope that helps.