Sep 4, 2013

Sidebar Plus Changelogs

Ver 3.0

  • Support sidebar on both sides
  • Improve show folder in App Drawer bar.
  • Improve UX (Main app, animation)
  • Fixed minor bugs.

Ver 2.4

  • Fixed apps being removed after upgrade from Google Play
  • Added languages: Finish, Portuguese/PT
  • Fixed launch app issue (for some app such as DB Navigator)

Ver 2.0

  • Revamp bar: 3 bar types now: List, Hybrid, Drawer bar

Ver 1.5

  • Support folder in list bar
  • Support new action : wifi tethering toggler action, usb tethering action
  • Support new theme: Sunset, Biogreen
  • Fixed minor bugs

Ver 1.4

  • App Drawer bar (experimental)
  • Added new actions: reboot recovery (root), reboot bootloader (root)
  • Fixed widget update issues
  • Fixed opacity setting issue
  • Fixed icon color issue

Ver 1.3

  • Added divider line
  • Support to adjust bar width manually
  • Fixed vertical scroll issues
  • Support shortcut, widget 1x, 2x in all bars
  • Fixed various minor bugs
  • Support more languages: Arabic, Russian, Ukrainian, Chinese/CN, Chinese/TW

Ver 1.2

  • Fixed force close on upgrade 
  • Fixed other minor bugs

Ver 1.1

  • Added option to hide sidebar on locked screen
  • Added double-tap to open
  • Added option to bar open method: slide, fling, long-tap, double-tap
  • Added option to hide bar hover indicator
  • Added option to dimming behind when open bar
  • Fixed sort order issue
  • Fixed mix bar bugs
  • Support 10 new languages (thanks for all of our translators): German, French, Japanese, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese/BR, Turkish, Czech, Spanish, Italian

Ver 1.0

  • Improve gesture: fling to open/close, slide to open/close
  • Support HD icons
  • Refine big bar
  • Support folder on big bar

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