Jan 8, 2013

Deep Sleep Battery Saver - FAQ

  • Can I receive calls during deep sleep mode?
Yes, you can receive calls & texts during deep sleep mode on
  • What is the difference between "auto sync" and "trigger sync"
Auto-sync is an option to specify if a sync provider (Gmail, Facebook) will automatically sync whenever data source change or network is connected. "trigger sync" is an action to force sync provider to sync. In DSBS, if "trigger sync" is selected, it will force sync provider to sync immediately regardless to auto-sync events/cycle.
  • What's difference between Free vs Pro 
Pro version supports "Custom" profile in which you can change any paramters from deep sleep. 
  • Deep sleep mode goes OFF when I turn screen to check time 
You can change the "Screen on delay" option in order to avoid that issue
  • Wifi/Mobile data is not turned on after screen on 
Maybe your device is not supported yet. Please drop us an email with detail of you phone model and Android version. That help us to quickly identify the issue
  • I want the app supports my language 
We believe crowdsourcing can help us to translate this application to other languages. Please translate to your native language by follow this link


Unknown said...

I have recharge set to always, but when plugged in DS stays on????

Unknown said...

What does the app do and how does it work would be good for faq's.