Dec 13, 2012

Deep Sleep Battery Saver Change logs

V 2.0

  • Fixed battery indicator when DSBS off
  • Fixed minor bugs

V 1.9

  • Changed User Present option to OFF as default
  • Added languages: Danish, Greek, Finnish, Urdu

V 1.81

  • Fixed minor bugs

 V 1.8

  • Fixed incoming call makes fail to rollback deep sleep mode

V 1.71

  • Fixed blank notification item
  • Externalize User Present option

V 1.7

  • Change default recharge option, now the device always wakes up if on recharge
  • Support to wake up only when screen unlocked
  • Added languages: Croatian, Lithuanian, Dutch, Swedish
  • More status bar icon set: Blue, Green (Pro)

V 1.6

  • Support Tasker/Locale plugin
  • Edit send log and write log to analysis log good
  • Support "Notification when battery low/full"
  • Added languages: Czech, Indonesian, Burmese, Slovenian

V 1.51

  • Fixed 3g does not toggle

V 1.5

  • Support deep sleep whitelist apps
  • Support force Airplane mode during night period
  • Support toggle WiMax/4G (experimental)
  • Support airplane mode for Android 4.2 with root (Android 2.1-4.1 does not require root)
  • Support until screen on option in deep sleep frequency

V 1.4

  • Fixed discharge/recharge options issue
  • Added 5s, 10s screen off delay
  • Support to hide icon notification on status bar (only Android 4.1+)
  • Added languages: עִבְרִית (Hebrew), magyar (Hungarian), 日本語 (Japanese), română(Romanian), Türkçe (Turkish), polski(Polish), slovenčina (Slovak), português (Brazil)

V 1.31

  • Fixed force close when clicks on widget
  • Fixed no action when clicks on notification
  • Fixed deep sleep when discharge/recharge options

V 1.3

  • Fixed notification icon bug
  • Support to change notification icon (PRO)
  • Support "screen on delay" feature (helpful if you phone is lagged when screens on or turn screen on to check time)
  • Added languages: العربية (Arabic), Italiano (Italian), 한국어 (Korean), norsk (Norwegian), русский (Russian), српски(Serbian)

V 1.2

  • Added languages: German, Portugese, Spanish, Catalan, Hongkong
  • Fixed bug on custom profile with GPS on

V 1.1

  • Notification bar enhancement

V 1.0

  • First released on Google Play with a lot of enhancements thanks your XDA-ers feedbacks

V 0.91

  • Refined required permissions

V 0.9

  • XDA-Beta test version


spankdog42 said...

Not receiving MMS when its there a fix planned?

Kaze said...

Sometimes the application closes itself when i try to launch it from ongoing applications, and i have to start it again manually (JB 4.1.2)

Unknown said...

Does not work with samsung galaxy s4 flip cover. Any fix?