Sep 30, 2011

How to remove bloatware on Android

(blōt´wãr) (n.) jargon Software that has lots of features and requires considerable disk space and RAM. As the cost of RAM and disk storage has decreased, there has been a growing trend among software developers to disregard the size of applications. Some people refer to this trend as creeping featuritis. If creeping featuritis is the symptom, bloatware is the disease. (

Android phones always ship with pre-load bloatware applications. Among these applications, some from phone's manufacturer,  others from mobile operator. Some of them always run in background, that consumes alot of phone's resources (RAM/CPU/network). Root Uninstaller is designed to take away these application in seconds. Here is a quick guide:


Step by steps

  1. Install and open Root Uninstaller and click on the application that you want to remove

  2. Backupit first (in the case you need to reinstall), see screenshot

  3. Click on Uninstall button to remove selected application, click "Yes" button on confirmation dialog.

    A happy root user

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