Jun 18, 2013

Taskbar - Windows 8 style now come to Android OS

If you’re more familiar and comfortable with Windows-style start button and folders than you are with Android’s default configuration, Taskbar – Windows 8 Style might just be the app you’re looking for. It doesn’t require root privileges to run.

Once you tap the Start button, you see a very familiar Windows-like Start menu. The app also shows a Taskbar at the bottom, allowing you switch apps on the fly. It also contains application shortcuts for stock apps, but what’s more interesting is that fact that you can easily customize these shortcuts and replace them with the ones you desire. The app also lets you quickly toggle Airplane mode, Wifi and Bluetooth, though you can customize shortcuts to these options as well if required. Speaking of customization, you can tap Settings in the the Start menu to customize the app. You can tinker quite a few different options such as easily enabling or disabling the Taskbar itself, editing the start menu and settings items, and altering its layout.

Check it out for free on Google Play

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