Mar 22, 2013

Best Tips on Conserving Your Battery on Smartphones

Like any other mobile gadgets there is in the market, your trusty smartphone suffers the same fate as all the other battery-powered technologies we have. The truth of the matter is it is no longer useful when its battery life goes down the drain. A few little gadget insights can do the trick and help you save your precious gadget’s battery life.The fundamental trick in saving up battery is basically to use your gadget only when you need to. Turn off apps and features that you don’t need. By lessening the use of your phone’s apps and features you lessen the power by which your handset consumes. Here are more specific gadget tricks in boosting your own gadget’s battery life.

Reduce your phones brightness

The display function of your phone consumes the most energy, thus reducing your battery power in a matter of hours. In as much as you want the good, clear and vibrant display themes on your Smartphones, you may want to settle for a little less on the brightness category. Essentially, some Smartphones do have automatic light adjustments that would suit up specific lightning levels and phone functions. Lessen that light level and you’re sure to juice up that battery power you need.

Use the Power Save

Some Smartphone features have power save options that will help you manage your battery consumption. This feature prevents apps notifications and updates, turns off your phones vibrate and disables any animation themes as well. Use the power save option and you’re on your way for a gadget power longevity.

Take it easy on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS

Your Smartphone is the jack of all trades and features many options for connectivity. The use of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS or any signal/waves emitting features is a serious battery killer. The sacred ruling (again) is when you do not necessarily need such, turn it off. This may save you a lot of power in the long run. Take it easy on the connectivity features as you don’t want to be disconnected in the end because of the lack of power.

Shorten than Screen Timeout

The Screen Timeout feature of your gadget essentially tells how long your screen will stay lit after any use. The longer your screen stays lit, the more power is consumed. Try to cut off the screen time in a matter of seconds as you want to get your gadget to stay in the game with little timeouts to spare at the least.

Remove Irrelevant Background Running Apps

You may stop being an application hoarder by downloading everything that may interest you even if it’s not necessarily useful. It’s time to settle our application priorities straight and be sure to keep in with what is urgent and important as of the moment. You may want to cut some games or augmented reality applications. As some applications run in the background consuming power. You may miss out with a bit of fun but it sure is not fun when your phone’s power drained.

Using automation apps to turn off WiFi, Bluetooth, etc

If you are using Android phone, there are app, app that automatically stops irrelevant apps or turn Internet connection off while screen off. 

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