Nov 29, 2012

Battery Statistic on Android-powered Device Report

A couple of weeks back, we released Battery Stats Plus on XDA Developer forums and received a lot of positive feedbacks. Today, we release "Battery Statistic on Android-powered Device Report" thank to our beloved users who help us to achieve our dream - making a most complete battery-related database for Android devices and applications. 
Enjoying advantages of Android smartphone including interactive games, cloud-based applications, many device owners scare of battery lifetime. It runs out rapidly after a couple of hours playing games. However, for some reason, no game is played and battery drains rapidly. It's properly because device's mal-configuration or background applications thank to Android parallelism.

In this report, we show top 15 battery friendly devices and top 15 battery killer devices based on average battery lifetime, and distribution of battery lifetime. Data is reported by users using Battery Stats Plus over 263 Android-based models and 1812 battery statistic reports during last three weeks. A device may report more than once, but it should wait for at least one day for the next report. In this report, we aggregated only models which had at least 3 reports for top devices. The average battery lifetime is 21.6 hours.

Top 15 battery friendly devices. Statistic on 263 Android-powered devices and 1812  battery usage reports
Top 15 battery killer devices. Statistic on 263 Android-powered devices and 1812  battery usage reports

We hope before you get a new Android devices (or second hand device), look up real-time data on for battery lifetime on a selected device.

Battery lifetime distribution. Statistic on 263 Android-powered devices and 1812  battery usage reports. The average battery lifetime is 21.6 hours
An average autonomy device lasts 21.6 hours. Interestingly, most energy autonomous devices last in 10-28 hours, some of them last 3 or 4 days. Our detail data shows that they are mostly tablet devices.

Undoubtedly, users can use this report and our detail data as a reference for double-check with their device and find our any mal-configuration or background draining apps.

Despite of manufacturers claim on how good their batteries are, this report shows actual usages of hundreds devices from thousands users. Some devices are very old (first released on 2009), but they shows a solid battery such as Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 or HTC Wildfire  Others are newly released but they are really battery killers (such as  Samsung Galaxy Note I717)


Top 15 battery friendly devices
  1. LG-C660 - LG Optimus Pro C660 
  2.  GT I5500 -  Galaxy 5
  3. X10i - Sony Ericsson Xperia X10
  4. MT27i - Sony Xperia sola
  5. HTC One V
  6. WT19i - Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman
  7. HTC Sensation 4G
  8. Nexus 7
  9. GT-N7105 - Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100
  10. MT11i  - Sony Ericsson Xperia neo V
  11. ST18i - Sony Ericsson Xperia ray
  12. SCH-I535  - Samsung Galaxy S III Verizon
  13. HTC Sensation
  14. LG-P990 - LG Optimus 2X
  15. HTC Wildfire
Top 15 battery unfriendly devices
  1. Desire S 
  2. GT-S5570I - Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570
  3. SAMSUNG-SGH-I717 - Samsung Galaxy Note I717
  4. MB865 - Motorola ATRIX 2
  5. HTC HD2
  6. GT-S5300 - GALAXY Pocket
  7. GT-S5570 - Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570
  8. SPH-D710 - Samsung SPH-D710 Galaxy S2 Epic Touch 4G
  9. HTC One XL
  10. Nexus S 4G - Samsung Galaxy Nexus I9250
  11. GT-S5830 - Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830
  12. SHW-M250S - Samsung SHW-M250S Galaxy S II 
  13. SAMSUNG-SGH-I727 - Samsung SGH-i727 Galaxy S II Skyrocket
  14. LG-P970 - LG Optimus Black P970
  15. MB860 - Motorola ATRIX 4G

About Battery Stats Plus
Battery Stats Plus detects and notifies applications that drain battery. It also collects and analyzes battery usage per app basic on your Android devices. Usage attributes include CPU, CPU foreground, network, GPS, sensor, wake lock, and battery information. Statistic data is anonymously and optionally uploaded on our cloud and shared with other users. Check our XDA-developer thread for further discussion

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We are working on Battery Statistic App Reports.

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