Sep 7, 2012

How to root Nexus 7

Download and Install the Nexus 7 Toolkit on your PC.

  1. Install the drivers. Use the automated installation if possible. With any luck this will work for you, if not, then follow the step by step procedure.

  2. Unlock the Bootloader. Caution: This will completely erase your entire tablet. It will be factory fresh  afterwords though and unfortunately is a requirement.

  3. Root the device and install a custom recovery. TWRP or CWM are highly recommended and the most popular, plus CWM is built into the rooting program.

Rooting made simple, there is a button for everything and  easy to follow detailed instructions

Thats it, you are finished. You can now enjoy the benefits of a Rooted Nexus 7, check out some of these must have apps that require root. There are more but I use all of these myself.

  • AntTek Explorer  - free root file manager

  • Root Uninstaller- free uninstaller for system app

  • 1Tap Quick Bar– free notification bar twist app

If you have any more rooted apps to share please post a link below. Thanks to XDA Developer forum and Wugfresh for his simple to use toolkit.

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