Jul 11, 2012

Smart RAM Booster 1.24

Smart RAM Booster is now polyglot. Thanks to our beloved users who spend hours to translate into their languages. Translation quality may not as good as you expect since different users with different background try to contribute to this project. If you are interested  in helping us to improve translation quality, please checkout our translation portal here. You can use your Facebook account to log in.  Once you enter the portal, you can review translated messages, vote them or translate new items. We hope more languages will be translated and integrated into the app.
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Below are supported language list

  • English

  • Deutsch

  • Español

  • Français

  • Polski

  • Slovenčina

  • Tiếng Việt

  • ελληνικά

  • Italiano

  • România

  • Türkçe

  • فارسی, دری, تاجیکی

  • русский

  • Português

  • Magyarország

  • 日本語

  • Nederlands

  • 漢語 (Chinese/Traditional)

  • 漢語 (Chinese/Hongkong)

  • català

  • hrvatski

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